Sunday, 22 April 2007

Slow Progress

Well, it's been very slow this last week or so. I simply don't have the time to devote at the moment. Gardening activities and work have left me little time to think about the car. I also suffer from a condition called psoriasis that is aggressive on my hands and feet. At the moment I am having a rather flaky attack on my palms as happens occasionally and it needs a few weeks to settle down. I need a couple of weeks in the sun and that generally makes it regress for a while. Roll on Magaluf!

It's close but it doesn't touch!

I received the remote oil filter kit I ordered from Merlin Motorsport Friday and it goes on OK. The steering shaft turns without touching the take off, JUST! It would seem to have a little bend in it as it moves away and then back as the shaft is rotated. It turns above the highest part of the take off blanking plate so isn't really as bad as the photo looks. I still have the option of a shorter steering shaft that will move the upper uj fulcrum down and the shaft away from the engine slightly. I'll see what happens when the engines running and moving on the mounts, it may not be necessary. I just need to decide where to put the remote filter and there is a handy bracket under the bits of wood I used to support the body where it looks to be OK.

As I mentioned its slow as I want to get on with the seats, so I can set the steering column and scuttle and then finish the electrics off. All this means another rather large cash payout that I don't have at the moment. I need seats, battery and lights but they will have to wait a little as holidays are looming. I have tickets with a couple of mates to go see Metallica at Wembley in July but as we've just found out it's on the same weekend as that ridiculous earth concert that's trying to save the planet. The need for some accommodation has just got a bit urgent as we don't want to leave it to the last minute and get caught out.

Originally i was using ZZR1100 carbs but an opportunity for some R1 carbs with a Blogg brothers manifold so I'm waiting for them before I start work on the engine.

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