Friday, 17 August 2007

Rear Arches

Had a go at fitting the rear arches last. With all 4, front and back wrapped in bubble wrap I simply distinguished the front ones from the back and unwrapped one.

Only being able to work on the offside due to the other side being against the wall I offered it up and spent ages making sure it was central on the wheel.

Drilled a few holes, cut the rubber trim to fit and bolted it up. Checked it was all square and central, more holes and bolts, around 9 in total, drilled to avoid chassis rails. Well, some of them anyway :-)

Stood back to admire it then the doubts crept in... steep angle at the rear? Consulted some owners pictures on Locostbuilders and I could see I had put it on the wrong side.......


As you can see the steep slash is facing the rear when it should be in front of the wheel. I'm just pondering on leaving it as is only being a bit doubtful of what the lights will look like.

1 comment:

Dave Gilling said...

Look OK. You may have to trim stone guards if you are fitting any?