Monday, 14 January 2008

Well, new year and new aspirations! So they say anyway.

I picked up some nice shiny new wheels in the Halfords boxing day sale and am mighty proud of them despite saying I was happy with the Ford ones for now! I have also spent a fair wedge at Car Builder Solutions who provide a cracking service with quick next day delivery. I went through their catalogue and wrote down everything I thought I needed to progress.

I've also swapped the pulleys between the two Ford alternators I've got to get over the slack drive belt problem I was having due to not being able to find the correct length belt. The Mondeo unit had a bigger pulley so that took up the slack on the belt I had.

I've trial fitted the bodywork again and fitted the bonnet catches so I can see how much clearance there is for an airbox without cutting holes in the body. I'm going to build an airbox and supply it with cold air from the front of the nose via a remote filter. There's not to much room in front of the carbs so I'm making a mock up out of cardboard before I start cutting metal.

I now have new found enthusiasm after a visit from the Dangerous Brothers who both have MNR's on the road. I do now intend to have it 'finished' by the end of this month!

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