Monday, 28 April 2008

Since my successful track day I've got the carbs off and I am checking the settings, float height etc and strengthening the return spring. I'm going to try putting a spring on the end of the throttle return cable so when the throttle is opened the cable pulls the spring giving a good pull back. Just thinking of some ideas ATM.

I've now fixed the cycle wings on. They are glued on with some horrible super sticking window bond PU adhesive. Just hope my initial trials in getting the wheels off is still OK!
Thinking along SVA lines I've made a front indicator mounting/bumper bar. Bent some bits of tube up welded them together and with a loop round the bottom will give me a bracket to mount the front reg plate off. Not sure on the look yet but it may grow on me.

The landmark today is I've posted my SVA forms requesting a test date of 2nd June. That gives me plenty of time to sort all the last little bits out, get some insurance, have a pre MOT and think of anything else that may need attention.

Some more pictures from the track day!

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