Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Its a PASS!!

4am start down to Beverley Tuesday 15th July and by mid day had the MAC in my mitt!!
Popped into DVLA Stockton on the way back for a cheeky inspection and they were very obliging, so, after arranging the insurance I'll be on the road for 1st August.

A enjoyable experience in all, the nice weather helped, me leaving me house keys hanging in the front door this morning didn't tho He hummed and harred over the bottom dash radius which was clearly no good to his gauge, but apart from that no dramas. Axle weights well balanced within 5kg of each other. I didn't ask any of the results though just the speed test, which was reading 2mph over. The brake and noise tests where simply OK.

I now have insurance courtesy of Footman James coming in with the cheapest quote. I just need to send all the forms and paperwork to DVLA once I have the cover note and I will be on the road!

So, keep tuned for the development of the car, I already have a 2L Rover Turbo engine an Supra gearbox so I'll be turning may attention to that.

I'll be keeping the blog updated with the progress as it happens.

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