Monday, 11 August 2008

Today I've been down to Blogg Brothers to get the carbs set up. I've been out on a few runs and noticed I wasn't getting very far before having to stop and fill it up again. Not knowing how much is left in the tank when the fuel gauge does down to the last bar on the screen I've been putting 20L in at a time and measuring the miles... I reckon its under 30mpg so hopefully today will see that improve.

Dave ran it up and checked the emissions to see how it was fueling. The mid range was so rich it ran the CO off the gauge! HC was very high as well all over. The idle was too weak as was the top end. We tried it with both the airbox on and off but found the biggest problem was the remote filter, it just couldn't flow enough air! So, the whole lot is off and until I get a Pipercross sausage filter on the carbs are running open, which was how Dave set it up.

With everything set up, basically changing the needle position and drilling the mains out, balancing the carbs and setting the air screw the CO dropped right off as did the HC and was stable right through the rev range. Finally a power run on the dyno saw 120bhp at the wheels. Doesn't sound much and I thought it would be a lot higher than that as it feels a lot more on the road. Hopefully the mpg will improve and I can rag it up to the red line! More power (ST170 engine?) is in order!

Nearly 600 miles on her now and so far so good, two minor problems with broken wing stays but, easily fixed. The roads are bloody awful, what do we pay our road fund for I ask???

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