Sunday, 25 January 2009

Yesterday I had my first run out with the new engine. Nothing spectacular as the roads were damp in places and it was very cold. Went down to see a fellow MNR builder who is getting ready for SVA.

I've bought an Innovate LC 1 lambda kit so I can have a go at tuning the carbs for their new application. So, I need the lambda boss welding into the exhaust..... paid a visit to AAS Exhausts in Newcastle to see about getting that welded in and a couple of other tidy ups on the exhaust, welding two joints, nice hanger etc... Anyway to cut a long story short, and explaining I wanted 200bhp from the motor I've booked the car in for whole new exhaust system with much bigger pipes throughout. I hadn't planned this atm but knew it needed doing so I'm in for it just need a hefty cash injection....

Got back home in the dark with no drama's apart from a concern with the coolant. I'm not convinced I'm getting the correct reading from the temp gauge, and its chucking coolant out when its cold. I suspect this is due to the header tank connection being very close to the bypass output of the thermostat housing. I'm going to move the header tank connection down to the bottom hose close to the radiator to try and smooth out any surges that may be the cause of the coolant being expelled.

Immediate plans are to cure once and for all the brake fluid leak that's been a constant problem with new master cylinders with integral reservoirs, move the header tank connection and get the exhaust done. Then I can think about cams to get up to 200bhp. And I still need to make a new inlet manifold.

Roll on the warm weather!

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