Thursday, 14 May 2009

I've been busy driving! Been down to Stoneleigh for the car show, camping 2 nights. Nice 450 mile round trip, wet coming back. No drama's to report, car behaved perfectly, was comfortable and despite the downpour and truck spray I managed to stay dry!

Wilwoods are starting to feel better than the OEM Sierra brakes but the pads squeal very loud at low speed. Need to see if that improves with bedding in.

Pics from the Stoneleigh show can be found HERE! I only really took pics of things that caught my eye and stood out like the beautiful SS100 rep. And the V8 engines... yum yum. There was just too much to look at on the 2 days.

Got some tips lining the bodywork up and some ideas to make a new column shroud. More car building to come!

So, bodywork to do, steering cowl to make, switches to move and 10" drums to install.

I will have tons of time on my hands soon...

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