Monday, 12 October 2009

After the recent event where the bonnet flew off I'm going through a few upgrades.

First up got an lsd diff out of a 92 dohc Sierra and have fitted that in place of the open 3.62. The lsd is 3.92 so some recalibration of the speedo will be required, nothing major as its simply inputting a different factor. New diff is bolt on lobro's as opposed to the push in items I had on before.

Lobro's and shafts have been derusted, treated to zinc primer and black top coat. Drive flanges and bearing carriers have had new bearings and seals installed and I've used the opportunity to fit the 10" drums I've had lying around for a while. Local motor factor had all the bits new for the drums so was fairly painless. Had to space out the handbrake cable clamp as the entry into the back plate was a good distance further out than the 7" ones I took off.

Next step is new brake master cylinders. I have some integral units to replace the remote reservoir as they still leak and chuck fluid onto the chassis. Not good. As the backs need bleeding down now anyway it should be a straight forward task. if a little messy, but hopefully no more fluid leaks!

While I have the tunnel off fitting the diff I'm going to be running a new fuel pipe as I need a return after deciding I'm defiantly going the EFI route. I have nearly finished fabricating a new inlet manifold to accept the 43mm Honda TB's I have and have welded in bosses at the port head to use the original ST170 fuel rail and injectors. Management will be Megasquirt as I fancy learning the system thoroughly....

I have a new bonnet sitting upstairs as well and will have all the work done for the last Ford show on the 25th October.

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