Tuesday, 20 October 2009

While I've enjoyed driving the car this year to various meets and shows and I've been slowly upgrading the brakes and transmission etc time has come for a bigger step. Changing from carbs to EFI.

One All Ford show to attend this Sunday then the engine is coming out for a tart up. With it out I'm going to be painting the block and sorting the oil leak from the sump. Hopefully its the drain plug as I checked it after welding by filling with oil and leaving overnight....

Installation of the aluminum bellhousing at the same time as I've figured out how to modify the type 9 clutch arm and pushrod system to replace the clutch cable.

Heres some pics of my new EFI setup. I've spent weeks whittling this from a lump of steel and have faithfully recreated the port injection position from the original ST manifold and the front set of injectors are from the ST170 engine.

The TB's are off a CBr1000RR which had an 8 injector setup. The bodies have 4 on them.

ATM I intend to use the ST injectors as they came with the engine
so should suit it across the rev range, if not, I can configure the extra 4 on the TB's to give more when needed...

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