Sunday, 12 August 2007

First Start Up!

Over the last few days I've been checking torque settings and painting wheels. I looked at some nice wheels in Halfords and was severly tempted by them, however already having the original Ford aloys and resisting the temtation I bought a tin of satin black paint instead!

On the other front, I've been tiding up the wiring and getting everything ready for the big day. Time to start it up! First go produced nothing but I soon discovered I hadn't connected the Edis so with that verified and the camera rolling it ws time for her first performance. 5 litres of gas in teh tank, check. No leaks, check. Fuel pump working, NO!. No fuse, fuse inserted, fuel pump working, check. Fuel at the filter just under the carbs, yes. Ignition, GO. It started straight away and made one hell of a racket with only the manifold connected. The dog did one sharpish and it brought her indoors outside to see what the racket was!

1 comment:

Tim Cheney said...

Damn you and your fever! I know what you mean though - can't wait to drive the thing!