Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I've spent the last few days tidying up the wiring under the scuttle. The Acewell is all wired in now apart from the speedo pickup that I'm still deciding where to put it. I've bundled all the wiring together with spiro and convoluted tubes, soldering and shrink covers over the joins.

With the scuttle in place there is a gap between it and the alloy shelf in front so I've attached a piece of ali angle to fill the gap and give the bottom of the scuttle some support. It lost a bit of rigidity when I cut the channel for the steering column.

With the scuttle in place the new alloy header tank was mounted. I sat it up as high on scuttle side as the bonnet would allow, checking carefully to make sure.
I used a piece of tubing I picked up off a Corsa in the scrapyard. It was long enough and had enough bends in it to get all the bottom hose sections out it. The OEM pipe clips are a nice touch as well. That is without going to the expense of a blinging silicone install!
A piece of 16mm pipe from B&Q will complete the connection to the bottom hose at the front of the car.

I couldn't resist a tidy up and sitting in it again. I'm impressed at the height of the scuttle which gives a nice closed in feeling. It feels like your well down behind the shaped top unlike some other 7 type cars I've been in. With the wind deflector on top this should give a good level of protection from the elements.

Picked a spare 1.8 zetec engine up on Sunday from a fellow Locostbuilder. Slowly collecting parts for the turbo conversion.....

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