Monday, 17 March 2008

Too much beer over the weekend so with a rest day Monday I've cracked on a bit.
Seats arrived Friday afternoon so after taking loads of junk, thats been clogging the garage up, off to the tip, then over to the scrappy. Search round for suitable seat runners and came across some nice almost brand new ones off a very sorry Citreon C3, there was a C2 next to it with the same runners but they were a bit rusting and the drivers side was twisted. Picked up some connectors as well for the Astra speed unit and some for Toyota switch gear I have.

Today I've modified the runners, basically cutting off threaded studs and welding a lug to the front for screwing onto my new seats. A hole drilled at the back to suit the fiberglass seats, oh, and not forgetting making them a bit narrower as well. That little lot took all of 4/5 hours!

I've cut the bonnet to suit the exhaust and made a chassis mount for the silencer at the back. Drilled all the holes for the harness eyes in the floor and screwed them in. These are all the little, easy things that seem to take ages to do. Before I realised it I've spent 9 hours in the garage today!

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