Sunday, 28 September 2008

I'm not enjoying this at the moment. Probably because I'll find out tomorrow if I'm redundant or not....
Today I've put the new inside rear guard on and all the lights back on. I've also been polishing the new bits and trying them on. Polished the bonnet removing all the marks from the original build up and offered it up to the scuttle... DOH! the expansion tank is too high, why didn't I measure the position from the old scuttle? OK, so how about the new aeroscreen I got last week? Fix it on with the mirrors, taped the aeroscreen on and measured the position of the mirrors. Offside first, everything OK, off to the nearside and measured the postion on the aeroscreen to match the other side and drilled the first hole. Hmm looks a bit further in.. earoscreen had slipped under the tape and one hole in the wrong position.... time to pack up and continue with the death by lager project.
As I've said, find out tomorrow if I'm out of work so I think I'll leave it till I'm in a better mood.

Trackday booked for 3rd November so plenty of time to get me head round it and get her back on the road.

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